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Become a budding Mini Hatter and learn all about Musical Theatre with us in a fun and explorative environment!

Use your imagination and build your confidence by creating characters, dancing your socks off and singing your hearts out!

Learn all about performance technique, everything that is included when rehearsing and performing material.  Improve your muscle memory and utilise the point of view that 'anything is possible'!! 


Do all this whilst building confidence and making friends!


Junior Hatters comprises of two groups:


 Little Hatters aged 6-8yrs

 Young Hatters aged 9-11yrs

Both groups receive age appropriate training in all three disciplines of acting, dance and singing whilst having fun, making friends and building confidence.

Each group, whilst at the start of their Musical Theatre education, will be encouraged greatly to be creative, impulsive, intuitive, brave and open to learning as much as possible from their tutors and each other.  

During these years, emphasis is placed on working hard, having fun and not only pushing oneself but to learn to work as a team.  Working as one company and supporting their fellow class and cast mates is extremely important to us in the Mad Hatters Family.


Senior Hatters comprises of two groups:


 Teen Hatters aged 12-14yrs

 Upper Teen Hatters aged 15-16yrs

Whilst receiving age appropriate training, the Teen and Upper Teen Hatters are the top of the School therefore will be challenged in a more mature environment within classes and asked to take on a more self explorative journey into Musical Theatre outside of classes. At the same time receiving training in all the skills required to succeed in becoming a brave, humble, intuitive, confident performer. 


These skills not only allow individuals to pursue further training in the performance industry but also can cross over to other industries, as our Senior Hatter forge their way into the big wide and exciting world.

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