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Junior Hatters
6-11 years


*All fees are payable either in full OR half termly in advance.  All prices include a 5.85% booking fee.


Shefford Methodist Church

Ampthill Road



SG17 5BD

Term Breakdowns:

Autumn Term:

(September - December)

'Getting to know you' and Christmas Revue

This term is spent introducing 'newbies' to the school and working on exercises to start working as a team with both old and new students.  Staff take time to get to know each student and their ability as a performer whilst instilling basic skills needed for all three disciplines.

The towards the latter half of the term, students start rehearsals for a small Christmas Show called 'A Christmas Revue' where they perform some Christmas themed songs, dances and scenes to their keen and eager to support families and friends.

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Spring Term:

(January - April)

Skills, Skills, Skills!!!

This term is focussed on developing skills for all three disciplines of dance, singing and acting, improving fitness and building performance stamina.

During this term we also hold professional workshops exploring specific skills.  Over the years we have held workshops of West End Shows, stage combat and circus skills to name but a few.

Musical Theatre is full of skills used to build confidence and self esteem.  These skills will be honed in time for the next exciting term...


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Summer Term:

(April - July)


This term is where the last years worth of training is all brought together and students perform in a BIG SUMMER MUSICAL!

Show titles are released at the end of the autumn term and castings are announced during the spring term.

Summer shows take place in a local theatre space and include professional set, costumes, lighting and sound.

Tickets for all shows go on sale during the May half term.  There are no other monetary contributions towards costumes however basic costume items may be required.

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4 - 7pm



   per session*

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