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Charlotte Lake

Mini Hatters Assistant

Her Story...

Charlotte started training with Mad Hatters Theatre School when she was 7 years old and didn't leave until she was 15 years old!  Charlotte has been performing both at Mad Hatters and with her schools in various performances over the years and has lots of experience in dealing with younger and older performers. 


Charlotte loves being at Mad Hatters to help assist Hollie with teaching our youngest students, and passing on knowledge that she has been taught by all of our staff over the years.  As well as support them, care for them and encourage them to use their bravery, imaginations and energy to become fabulous 'Mini' performers.  The Mini Hatters are in good hands.

Not only this but Charlotte often volunteers to help backstage in our Junior and Senior Hatters shows and is a dab hand at set painting, so if you have seen some of our shows you will have seen Charlotte's handy work! She really is a fabulous member of the team!

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