Senior Hatters 12-18yrs+

Senior Hatters Musical Theatre training is a 3 hour session for older students from 12-18years+.  The students work on all forms of Theatre including stage Combat, Masque work, improvisation, Solo Singing, Ensemble Singing, learn routines in various Dance genres and learn how to combine all three disciplines by training to become triple threats.


The Senior Hatters are split into two age groups to achieve age specific gaols within their training:


  • Teen Hatters (12-14yrs)
  • Upper Teens (15-18yrs)


The Seniors perform in 2 shows a year.  At Christmas there is a small show performed with the Junior Hatters, in a local theatre space.  Then in the Spring Term the Seniors rehearse a FULL Musical, where rights are obtained and the students perform in a Professional 180 seat Theatre, with full professional lighting, set, sound and costume!  The only additional payment used towards all shows are Tickets to see the show.  Parents/guardians are NOT required to pay additional sums for costumes.


Samuel Whitbread Academy, Shefford Road, Clifton SG17 5QS






Equates to £19.95 per week