Private Singing Lessons

The sessions are exactly what they say on the tin…private singing lessons with our professional singing tutors.  Your tutor will guide students through the complex world of vocal technique including vocal agility, tuning, pitch, correct breathing, address diction and character as well as increasing their repertoire and music knowledge by covering different genres of music.



Lessons are offered on a either a One-2-One basis OR a Two-2-One basis for those who wish to attend with a sibling or other family member.



All sessions will not only lead to improved confidence whilst singing but also aid reading and listening skills, interpretation of music and character within a song.  One-2-One sessions will cover everything stated above and are for this who are keen to improve at pace or would like undivided attention to assist with learning and development.  Two-2-One lessons will cover the basics of singing, touch on some of the aspects mentioned above and help build up the confidence to move to One-to-One sessions in time.



All lessons are issued on a first come first served basis and if demand requires, we will aim to add more sessions to our schedule, where we can.  Any sessions missed by students are non-refundable however will we will try our best to reallocate the session if possible to another week.  Please note this is not a guarantee or promise.


Monday and Wednesdays


£12.50* per 30 min session, One-2-One

£16.50* per 30 min session, Two-2-One

£22.50* per 1 hour session, One-2-One
(*Inc. 5.36% Booking fee)