Mini Hatters 4-5 yrs

Mini Hatters is a fun hour long Musical Theatre Class for 4-5 year olds.  This class is not attended by parents/guardians.  The Mini’s receive just under an hour of training covering all three disciplines, learning lines, lyrics and movements off by heart! The Mini’s perform a small Show at Christmas for family and friends.  They also perform a second larger show on the Summer Term. The Summer Musical is performed in a local Theatre space with costume, lighting and a small amount of set.


This class is perfect for those who are confident and want to perform all the time AND for those who are not so confident at expressing themselves.  The buzz in the class room engages all students and enables them to want to succeed.  The only additional payment used towards all shows are Tickets to see the show.  Parents/guardians are NOT required to pay additional sums for costumes.


Shefford Methodist Church, Ampthill Road, SG17 5BD


Thursdays Only




Equates to £6.25 per week.