Classes & Fees

We offer classes in Musical Theatre and Acting to the following age groups with NO AUDITION necessary.


Musical Theatre:  Tiny Hatters 2-3yrs

        Mini Hatters 4-5yrs

        Junior Hatters 6-11yrs

        Senior Hatters 12-18yrs+

Musical Theatre is a wonderful way of both performing and expressing oneself.  Combining Acting, Singing and Dancing to portray complex characters, storylines and emotions.  If you like to participate in all three disciplines The Musical Theatre is the genre for you.  See the classes we have to offer and come along for a FREE taster session!


Acting:               Extra Hatters 9-16yrs


Acting is an excellent way to express ones emotions without the added pressure that singing and dancing brings.  Learn to become different characters, perform using different acting techniques such as mask work, improvisation or Physical Theatre and explore texts, scripts, poems, scenes and plays whilst working hard on your diction and vocal technique. See the class we have to offer and come along for a FREE taster session!

Love Drama? Love this class!


Private Singing Lessons:  Available to current Mad Hatters Students 6-18yrs


Enjoy private weekly/fortnightly Singing lessons as an additional extra to your Mad Hatters training.  Explore singing more as a soloist and learn in depth about Vocal Technique and Music Repertoire.  The perfect way to improve your singing voice and boost your existing Mad Hatters Training.


Fees equate to a set fee per week and are payable half termly in advance.  The number of weeks in the term is dependent upon the Central Beds Academic calendar as well as Mad Hatters Commitments.


Tiny Hatters equates to £4.15 per week

Mini Hatters equates to £6.25 per week

Extra Hatters equates to £8.25 per week

Junior Hatters equates to £19.95 per week

Senior Hatters equates to £19.95 per week

One-to-one Singing Lessons equates to £16.50 per week

Two-2-One Singing Lessons equates to £21.50 per week (£10.75 per child)


A ‘Fees email’ is set out to all parents/guardians before the start of every half term stating fee total and all fees are payable via cash, cheque or BACS transfer before or on the three-week deadline, also outlined in the ‘Fees Email’.  All late payments are subject to a admin charge.


See the class of interest from the Main Menu for more info re the class.

Sibling Discount:

We offer Sibling Discount to all siblings attending the same class as each other.  Pay full price for the first child and receive discount on the other siblings:


Weekly Classes receive 25% Discount

Holiday Schools receive 10% Discount